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art imitating life
imitating art
first epic fail of college. many more to come, stay tuned.
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i go home one week from tomorrow.
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i like my job, and the people there, though i'm starting to get sick of art and artists in general. YOUR SHIT IS OVERPRICED, SORRY.

this place is amazingly beautiful, but i just miss having friends. 1 week down, a few to go i guess, though i'm sure by the time i leave i won't want to.
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-it takes half an hour to get from page to page online. computer, fuck you.
-my ears are full of fluid, my throat is eternally parched, and when i cough i bark. i don't know what to do anymore. body, fuck you.
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somehow overnight my default picture turned into what looked like taylor hanson. i don't think anyone has my password, but i don't know how else this could have happened. nothing else has been changed or hacked, so i'm confused, but moreso amused.
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so sick that i'm actually really scared.
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SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED. good health would be so awesome.
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finally things seem to be heading somewhere.

june 27th- graduate
june 29th- leave to work as an intern at an art fair in jackson hole wyoming. live essentially in seclusion, work out a lot, enjoy mountains and shit
july 19th at the earliest i would return
jerk off for a month
august 22ish i start moving out, wherever it may be because i got into purchase creative writing, so now i actually have a choice.

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the lack of updates is due to the lack of any real changes in my life, only now i'm less busy. sats and mid terms are done, so its time to fuck around.

lately, i love the sims, cooking, coffee, and martin scorsese movies, specifically ones that are robert de niro based. however, the inch of ice covering my entire property can suck a bag of dicks.
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my computer is de-crashed. i lost everything, but at this point i couldn't care less. now i'm re-installing everything. really confusing and difficult. i hate the new versions of everything.

also, i just stripped my hair and redyed it...when i stripped it it looked a little different, now it looks the same as it did before. FUCK.
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